Katharina Swoboda

The Center of the world


video., hd, 7min, colour, sound, 2016
sound: sara pinheiro
voice: tasha bjelić
additional camera: kamen stoyanov


According to a survey from 2003 and confirmed by a Google Maps entry in 2016, the center of the Earth is placed close to the Anatolian city Corum in Turkey. The coordinates provided are: 42´´ 52´ N 34´´ 34´ E.  I enter these coordinates in one of my navigation devices and follow its direction to the center of the world. I arrive and I am happy to be at the center. But something seems odd. I decide to double check and I enter the coordinates again into a second navigation device. It says I am not in the correct location. So the journey goes on. I get into my car again.




The frame that blinds us. APA Galéria Budapest, 2017.