Katharina Swoboda












Kaliningrad Zoo

video, hd, 5:30min, colour, sound, 2016

sound: sara pinheiro


The video consists of night footage shot at the Kaliningrad Zoo, RU. The only light source was a flashlight. The video is dark and it is mostly unclear which animals are actually seen in shots with a color pipette and subsequent masking. Visible animals:


0:24 bird

0:30 flashlight is searching for animals - no animals visible

1:02 something goat-like

1:27 something like a dear

1:40 lama (probably)

1:50 only house

2:00 deer cage

2:07 bear

2:30 bear

2:35 architecture

2:44 tiger

3:00 seal

3:20 seal

3:45 kangaroo

4:20 chicken

4:44 white peacock

4:56 white birds.





Offene Ateliers. Nairs. Center of Contemporary Art, Scuol, Switzerland. 08/2016


supported by:

"Auslandsatelierstipendium". City of Graz, Austria


thanks to:

Baltic Branch of NCCA


Kalingrad Zoo