Katharina Swoboda













2 channel video installation, 9:00 min, hd, colour, sound


The video work deals with the historical figure of „Karolina Rijecka“ (Carolina of Rijeka). The myth tells that a young woman saved the city from the attack by the English army during the Napoleon wars. Supposedly Karolina succeded because of her beauty and due to a conversation she had with the English commander on his ship that went well. The fact, that Karolina was an educated woman and her husband worked for the British forces is mostly neglected. Nowadays, Karolina is worshiped for her beauty- her beauty that saved the city.

The video installation consists of two parts. One projection shows images of the port in Rijeka. The other one displays performative actions at a door step inside. It deals with Karolins as a woman and as a private person inside her home in the moment before deciding to speak outside to the English commander. A moment, where things have not yet had happened. Private stories are always embedded in the social and political circumstances of our times and the work focuses on that moment of transition and change of history in Karolina´s and the city´s live



2014 WE ARE HERE BeCAUSE YOU WERE/ARE (t)HERE. das weisse haus, Vienna.