Katharina Swoboda












Penguin Pool

video, hd, loop (3:20 min), colour, sound, 2015

sound: sara pinheiro, katharina swoboda

Designed by Russian Emgiré Berthold Lubetkin in 1934, the ”Penguin Pool“ in London Zoo is one of the most important modernist buildings in Britain. In 2004, the penguins were removed because of concerns regarding animal welfare. Since then, the iconic architecture has been ”empty“, animated only by water fountains. In the video, this emptiness is forced by masking out the zoo environment. Without the visual context of the surrounding, the ”penguin pool“ becomes an Utopian model again.



Draft Systems. WRO Media Biennale, Wroclaw 2017


Camouflage. The Koszyki Hall, Warsaw, 2017

Förderungspreis für bildende Kunst des Landes Steiermark, Neue Galerie, Graz, AT 2016

End!angered Species. Kunstverein Wagenhalle. Stuttgart, DE 2016

Living Images. Galerie 207, UMPRUM, Prague 2015



Wro On Tour #1. Okiem Młodych Festival, Świdnica, 2017

Ein Grün, von fern gespiegelt. Notgalerie, Vienna, AT 2017

Staging Mimicry. Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN 2017


acquisition, collection:

Wiener Städtische, Vienna Insurance Group, 2015

Ankaufspreis für zeitgenössische bildende Kunst des Landes Steiermark, 2017








exhibition views:
Galerie 207, Prague 2015 (up, center)
xhibit, Vienna 2015 (down)