Katharina Swoboda












The Lion of Atlanta

video, 17min, hd, sound, color


camera: Katharina Swoboda, Kamen Stoyanov, sound: Sara Pinheiro, voice: David Siegel


The „Lion of Atlanta“ is a project about a monument in Atlanta. The “Lion of the Confederate Soldiers” from 1894 was erected at Oakland Cemetery, where many unknown soldiers were buried during the American Civil War (1861 to 1865.)


The monument was modelled after the famous “Lion of Lucerne” in Switzerland. It was commissioned by the “Lady Memorial Association” to honor the “Lost Cause”.


The three most important places to learn about the Civil War in Atlanta are the Oakland Cemetery, the Atlanta History Museum and the Cyclorama, which depicts the battle of Atlanta. In the video, another place is added: The house of Margret Mitchel, the author of “Gone with the wind”.




Löwensafari. Curated by: Peter Fischer. Kunsthalle Luzern, CH