Katharina Swoboda












Untitled (Flying trees)

video, hd,  3min, colour, sound

camera: Carlo Clopath


The work is about the transportation of felled trees by helicopters in Graubunden, Switzerland. The video shows only a part of the sky, which is repeatedly traversed by a helicopter with a tree. This way of carrying trees is not uncommon in the mountains, but very expensive and therefore rarely applied.




Waldflimmern. Best Off Screening. Top Kino, Vienna. 2013

Kurzfilm im Vorprogramm. Top Kino, Vienna. 13-27. Dezember 2013

London Vienna Calling. Atelierhaus Lehargasse, Vienna 2014



Naturmaschine. Subetasch, Viertelfestival Niederösterreich. 2014



Waldflimmern Kurzfilmwettbewerb. Awarded film. Vienna 2013