video, hd, 3 min, colour, sound, 2010

The work is composed of one single short-take, showing the destruction of Austria’s highest building. After many years of neglect, this historical site was demolished in February, 2010. Its demolition was met with a mixed reaction: the protest of some neighbours as well as the disappointment of the local antenna tower fans. The hill called «Bisamberg» is a central reference point for Austrian media history, and in this sense the video can be understood on the one hand as a documentation of the end of the era of analogue transmission technology, and on the other hand, its long and motionless setting produces a moment of non-temporality. Even after the detonation, the image is still present on the retina.

selected exhibition + screenings: 
Aktuelle Videoarbeiten. Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, 2010
Screening. Hotel de France Cinema, Berlin, 2010
Stills: Screening und Ausstellung, Top Kino, Vienna, 2011
Klasse Explosion. Daily Interventions in The Essence, Vienna, 2011

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