2013, video, hd, 3:20 min, colour, sound
camera: carlo clopath, sound: sara pinheiro, katharina swoboda

The video is about Gregor Samsa´s sister from Kafka´s story «The metamorphosis». It was my intention to illuminate and to autonomize the figure of the sister and put her in the centre of my work. Furthermore, I wanted to open a new space beyond Kafka´s story. This is why Grete Samsa became « Grit Samsa».
My story continues at the point at which the transformation of Gregor’s is completed through his death. In the beginning, Grete was very close to her brother Gregor, she brought him food and became his protective authority over the family. She was his ally in a certain way . But later on, it was her who expressed the desire to see Gregory quickly die.
The video consists of a static picture, showing a woman’s face , which looks back at the observer directly.  An woman’s voice from the off speaks about the figure of the « Grit Samsa «. In addition to references to Kafka’s text, the text also recourses to discourses on the transformation and my own interpretation. I was particularly interested to address a woman’s body, that was in contact with the a «becoming-animal» (cf. Deleuze / Guatteri) but not experienced it directly.

Momente der Wandlung. Osztrák Kulturális Fórum, Budapest 2013

Momente der Wandlung. Exhibition Catalogue. Osztrák Kulturális Fórum (Ed.). Budapest 2013

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