video, hd, loop(5min), colour, sound, 2014

“Reconstructing Z”, shows the renovation of the wooden, oversized letter “Z”, which is placed on the modernist facade of the entrance of Dudley Zoo in the West Midlands in England. Dudley Zoo is known for its collection of Tecton buildings, designed by the radical architectural team of the same name (from the Greek word ‘architecton’) led by Berthold Lubetkin.
The original entrance was built in 1937. In the 1970s the typography of the “Zoo” lettering was adapted to taste at that time. During the course of the restoration, Dudley Zoo tries to correct these historical marks.

selected exhibitions:
Zoographics. Video works by Katharina Swoboda. St. Chavelier Valletta, 2014
Folgendes: Katharina Swoboda. University of Fine Art Hamburg, 2014

VIVA. Valletta International Art Festival. Raphael Vella (ed.). Malta, 2014

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